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Pastur's Last Rite, now available on Google Play Store!!

Holla Yes!!! We are officially announcing that we finally got our social app for Lost Cryptica out to Google Play and it is available here

Well it's not the game itself, that we are still working on. Right now it's the community and the Epothacies and we don't have a great clear cut about everything yet, in time we will. But Kyle is so happy about this release, I can't even tell you!!!

For now, it's the community and all important links and builds in there, somethings are one thing at a time as much as we are waiting and praying for so much more. No lectures please.

It's actually been a lot of drain on me to get to this point, so much goes into getting published to the play store that you understand if you've done it. Having to start over because of Apps Geyser crashes oh my damnnnnn. Because if you don't have time to build it in the first place, it's hell and upsetting to start over. It makes one look really bad. But know, it wasn't us. It jus…

Did you get your App Like bonus? We sure did!

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Kyle and Shanni

Drift Game

More Drifting Games on!

Fox Simulator

More Simulator Games on!

Basketball Legends

More Basketball Games on!

Fidget Spinner

More Fidget Spinner Games on!

Color Tunnel

While waiting for the new version of Lost Cryptica, and even after its released, we are adding different games to this site that can be played here and available in the game app for easy access. So here's the first game we would like to share. Thanks More Tunnel Rush Games on!

Wow apparently there is so much more to LostCryptica than meets the eye

The vice, the muse...

Ever wonder who and what is behind the popular games out there, what the game owners were thinking or how they replicated themselves through games or do you just play? Do game owners just wanna make a lot of money or is there a hidden logic behind it?

We can't speak for everyone, but for us (me and Kyle), yes, but very rarely do you ever get to know game creators.

But believe me, me and Kyle are cool af. In time you will get to know us better and we will have links and assets to our other work online available here at and we look forward to it.

Thanks much,

Kyle and Shanni Shaner