Pastur's Last Rite, now available on Google Play Store!!

Holla Yes!!! We are officially announcing that we finally got our social app for Lost Cryptica out to Google Play and it is available here

Well it's not the game itself, that we are still working on. Right now it's the community and the Epothacies and we don't have a great clear cut about everything yet, in time we will. But Kyle is so happy about this release, I can't even tell you!!!

For now, it's the community and all important links and builds in there, somethings are one thing at a time as much as we are waiting and praying for so much more. No lectures please.

It's actually been a lot of drain on me to get to this point, so much goes into getting published to the play store that you understand if you've done it. Having to start over because of Apps Geyser crashes oh my damnnnnn. Because if you don't have time to build it in the first place, it's hell and upsetting to start over. It makes one look really bad. But know, it wasn't us. It just reflected badly on us in this unforgiving world. But I realized that Lost Cryptica should be more than just a game, so blessings in disguise, I'm glad we were driven to create a social outlet for it, because we probably wouldn't have if  the other company hadn't crashed, so everything happens for a reason I guess? I can't wait to see where this leads, but I have so much else to do. We have our family to love on too.

Anyhow well thanks for your support with Lost Cryptica. Have a great day every one!!!

Shanni and Kyle Shaner

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